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We have spent several years developing, testing and honing our systems. We know that the key to a successful betting system is its consistency over a long period of time.

Cherry Pips is a back betting system which amassed over 1,900 points between January 2010 and February 2013. To view the in-depth results from that period, please click here.

The selections are based on an arithmetical movement calculation in prices at key times prior to the start of cherry picked races. The system uses a simple staking plan and the most you stand to lose on any one day is 36 points. Losing days are part and parcel of betting systems and can be easily managed with good betting bank management. For an example of a good banking strategy, please click here.

Cherry Pips users need to be at their computers during the day to calculate the selections and place the bets a few minutes before the start of each qualifying race. That's the most important time to observe price changes on betting exchanges as it's when the vast majority of money is put down. It's therefore the only time when you can get a good idea of what the collective opinion of the race outcome is.

"Set and forget" or "night before" systems don't take into account crucial factors that impact on the race outcome such as changes in weather conditions, jockey changes, horse condition & behaviour leading up to the race etc. These important considerations are reflected in the price fluctuations that occur just before the start of each race.

Our horse racing market movers service JustStartHere allows you to monitor these all-important price fluctuations leading up to post time.


“Thank you for your really quick answers and support. Today was one of those great days!”

- Max, Montenegro

"I have been using Cherry Pips for some time now and have experienced great results. The system is very easy to understand and execute."

- Spike, Middlesex

Cherry Pips
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The e-book can be opened with Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.

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